Our services

Executives need to expand capabilities for a variety of reasons:

1) to drive enterprise agility;
2) to increase revenues and profits;
3) to generate value through business insight;
4) to mitigate risks.

Dynamic Solutions Managed Services combines industry-specific functional and process expertise with advanced solutions like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and cloud based ‘pay as you go’. This powerful combination can help you transform both enterprise applications, tools and back-office operations. Dynamic Solutions enables you to shift from analog to digital, unlock new sources of value and optimize your operating model.

Our consultants work with our clients to identify the challenges their business is facing and formulate a solution that will help the business solve these challenges and be prepared for rapid growth or any other strategic goals the management formulates.

The successful implementation of a new BI or ERP solution does not end on the Go-Live Date of the project. This is the first day of the journey for both our clients and DynamicSolutions. Our post-implementation support team is next to our clients all the way through this journey! We provide the user functional support as well as deep technical support and additional functionality development so that your ERP or BI Solution stays current and powerful through the entire life in your organization.

Following the work of the consultants our Solution Engineers and Architects create a tailor-made IT system that helps the business navigate the everyday needs as well as plan and forecast for the future. Dynamic Solutions’ Project Manager is working hand-to-hand with the client from the formulation of the conceptual design all the way to the successful start of the solution. The dedicated Project Manager is making sure that the development and implementation team is aligned with the operations and business needs of the client, while the client’s operation is ready and prepared to take full advantage of the new solution.

What to look for?

But not all MSPs are created equal—there’s a broad spectrum of cloud MSPs a company can choose from. How do you know which to choose? In our experience, the most effective MSP has the following attributes:

  1. Industry focus: A blueprint, solution and hybrid physical/cloud executionthat’s tailored for your industry.
  2. End-to-end capabilities: Ability to take you through the entire Business Services journey—from planning and migration to culture change, management and optimization.
  3. An automated approach: Codified best practices in a suite of tools, automated capabilities, and collaboration models that can handle migration and ongoing management.
  4. Innovation at scale: A proven track record in, and sufficient resources for, delivering innovative cloud solutions.
  5. Continuous optimization: Provides cost controls, governance and accountability that ensure you generate long-term benefit.
  6. Mutual trust: Offers a shared-risk relationship with pay-as-you-go pricing.

We make it simple for you to successfully launch your offshore services location.


Quick and efficient set-up of an autonomous legal entity with dedicated & highly specialized employees.

We will provide you with state of the art infrastructure and an immediate core team set up through staff pooling. You can get down to business instantly.


You operate the new entity with our management help and expertise or more independently following your choices and needs.

You have a direct say on costs and processes at all time.


At the end of the contracted period, you can decide to formally Transfer your offshore entity, systems and staff to gain final and full ownership.


Enterprise solutions
System integration
Software development


Service and process management
Project management
Information management
Business management


We development and project services in software development


We can enable people together with processes into your digital environment

Customer Service

We have excellent interpersonal skills and we are always willing to help our customers


End-to-End project support
24x7 tech support
Post-implementation support
Interim staffing

Planning stage

  • Drafting and revising the strategy
  • Selecting the platforms
  • Mapping business requirements to features
  • Planning releases for iterative solution improvement

Implementation stage

  • Platform-based solutions or custom development
  • Integration
  • Data migration

Maintenance stage

There’s always room for more growth, and DynamicSolutions is ready to uphold the craving for improvements, be it new functionality or better interoperability, performance, usability, scalability and bug fixing. We will allocate a multidisciplinary team with DB, CRM, mobile, UI and other experts to maintain, upgrade and update your software.
  • Product Training for power users
  • On-site and off-site support
  • Technical support and bug-fixing
  • Regular SW and platform upgrade service